Review: Squidbillies “Trackwood Race-Ist”

Buckle up for the Pine-Log 500!

Spoilers Below

It’s that time of the season in scouts again; the time in which the residents of the town race their own creations down a track, a few yards long. We have Rusty with his wooden race car, some other scouts with typical designs, and Early’s miniature truck-boat-truck complete with truck nuts.  Who will win the great Pine-Log race?

The episode was between good and great. Nothing stood out, however it was enjoyable and there was a well-placed cameo/easter egg that i only noticed on my second viewing. This review is particularly short because there wasn’t much going on this week, besides the race. It was funny seeing how Early would rig the contest in his favor, because he will stop at nothing to win first place on a pointless contest. It wasn’t a bad episode, just a simple one; it didn’t stand out like the first two of the season, but it was enjoyable and had some extra bonus points for including the B-52’s theme.


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