Review: Squidbillies “Forever Autumn”/”Galvin”


Overview (Spoilers Below)

“Forever Autumn”

Dan Halen wants to spruce up Dougal County in an attempt to drive in more tourism. To help with his cause, Dan employs a service that dumps chemicals all over the area so as to make it look like it is always autumn which should attract the spending city slickers. At first, his plan works, and the Cuyler family is all over it in an attempt to make a profit. However, we soon learn that the chemicals used in changing the trees are actually poisonous thereby killing all of the wildlife and turning the trees into suicidal Ents. Some of the walking-talking trees even take over the town and force Halen into opening up a gravy museum so that more people will come to town thereby satiating the trees’ baby-eating appetites.


Galvin is a greeter at Pall Mart that eventually meets and gets engaged to Granny. The change in Ms. Culyer’s life is much needed and she eventually gets to the point where she’s the healthiest she’s ever been. Not surprisingly, this pisses off Early who attempts to poison Galvin and then nearly kills his mother in the process. Not being able to catch a break, Galvin learns that blood is thicker than water when Granny chooses her family over a bright future.

Our Take

Just like that and the twelfth season of Squidbillies is underway and it’s interesting because the show kicks off similarly to how it ended for season 11. If you’re looking for your classic Squidbillies humor, “Galvin” is more up your alley. Very textbook, albeit hilarious, episode featuring Monster Truck hi-jinks, attempted assassinations from Early and opening intros with popular music-lore.

“Future Autumn” features the more high-tempo, more violent, way more fun type of new-found youth that the series started to exhibit last season. It’s really one of the more fantastic episodes this franchise has ever done and if it’s indicative of the type of crazy shit we’re going to see moving forward then we’re going to be in for one hell of a rock and roll season. That’s not to say “Galvin” was a terrible episode, quite the opposite. “Galvin” is status quo Squidbillies. “Future Autumn” is the type of episode that takes this thing to another glorious level that I hope we see more of moving forward. Like a fun concert, it will be interesting to see if the producers go with the tried and true “hits” that you know work and will probably see the show get renewed again, or if the show goes into the more adventurous route that takes us down the wormhole. I’m excited as hell to find out either way.

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