Review: South Park “Time to Get Cereal”

Let’s eat!

Overview (Spoilers Below)

ManBearPig is back and he’s going apeshit on South Park and it’s up to the boys to stop them. Unfortunately, the cops don’t believe the kids and, in fact, Yates thinks the boys are behind all of the local mass murders and wants to book them downtown. The boys opt to turn to an old pal, Al Gore, who has intimate knowledge of ManBearPig and only agrees to help the kids after a litany of chores the kids have to pull off that essentially just shove it in the boys’ face that they were wrong about ManBearPig all those years ago when Gore initially warned them.

Soon enough, Gore comes around and takes the boys to their local library with a recently released from Hell, Satan. But, the cops show up, book the boys, and we find out that someone from the Senior Living Facility may have been part of an initial deal with Satan that brought ManBearPig to South Park in the first place.

Our Take

South Park is having one hell of a throwback season in terms of reintroducing characters the show hasn’t used in a while. The likes of Mr. Hankey, Towelie, and now Satan, ManBearPig and Al Gore have all surfaced in hilarious reunions presented in contemporary settings while keeping the characters whole. Possibly inspired by those characters again after having reused them in the prior console games, South Park manages to pull off an arc that has me hooked all the while flooding with as many Red Dead Redemption jokes as the game can muster in the measly few days that the game has been out. Quite surprising, we don’t get very political with Al Gore despite the fact that we are a day removed from a mid-term election, and quite frankly, I’m rather happy about that decision because I’m sick of politics. Al Gore is just as goofy as ever, and how about that return of our lovable Satan! Hell, I even got a new tattoo idea with that Saint Anthony painting being showcased, inspiration comes from the strangest places does it not? I’m looking forward to seeing how this one concludes because Matt Stone and Trey Parker have again got me hooked.


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