Review: RWBY: World of Remnant: Gimm (WoR: episode 3)


Spoilers Below

The thing that jumped right out at me with this short, unlike last week, actually gave us some real information. They still hinted that there was more to them than we know, but at least they told us SOMETHING instead of being spooky and cryptic, but largely a waste of time like the last World of Remnant short was.

The problem was that almost all the information they did give was already established in the show either outright by telling us, or just by figuring it out on our own. I guess the point of these things isn’t to divulge info we haven’t learned yet, but then what the heck would be the point of these things?

We are told that during ancient times, The Grimm were thought to be animals possessed by evil spirits, or evil spirits in themselves, however current science does not favor that idea of what they are. Okay. That’s good to know, so what the heck DOES current science think they are?

The Grimm evidently feed exclusively on humans, only attacking animals over territory and such, and even that is very rare. What’s worse is that it is thought that the Grimm don’t have to feed on humans, but do so anyway. Now this is actually a good point. We get a reason, and a damn good one, why humanity hates the Grimm so much and alludes to the reason why the Huntsman and Huntresses are necessary. If I was living in a world filled with dark, mysterious, creatures of varying degrees of holy shitness who have an affinity for human flesh, I’d want a large force of trained badasses in my village too.

The big point about the Grimm is that they are attracted to negative emotion. This was a point really touched on by Professor Oobleck. Brings the whole story of Mountain Glenn all that more horrific doesn’t it? The problem with this is that those who try to fight the Grimm (other than Huntsman I guess) is that when people get scared it just attracts the Grimm even more. Wasn’t that a plot point of a Will Smith movie?

A largely untouched point is actually talked about as it is pointed out that Grimm are very hard to study since when they are killed their bodies evaporate, making them not only tough to study, but also hard for Grimm Sport Hunters who wanted trophies for their collections. Although a minor issue, it does make the mysterious nature of Grimm make sense since they don’t last long enough to pick apart.

Another point that had been made earlier by Oobleck was that the Grimm learned as they age. This was brought up in the scene at the ruins and the pack of large mammoth Grimm who seemed to be waiting for something and didn’t attack. It seems as the Grimm age they start to show more wisdom in their attacks. They realize what to do more than their younger counterparts that rush in and get attacked and killed.

The big thing I got out of this was that it was certainly better than the last World of Remnant short. Even though the subjects talked about here were laregly points that have been brought up before, there were a few little nuggets of new info and perspective to get out of it.

However there are things I’d love to know that weren’t even touched on. While it was established that there are actual animals on Remnant (If Zwei wasn’t already proof) I’d like to know why there are different breeds of Grimm, birds, bears, Mommoths, and the such.  Even if it’s just a “theory” as to why, I’d still have liked to hear what it was.

Everything else was good. The animation for these Remnant shorts are very artistic and look amazing. The info in this episode was loads better than last month so that makes a big difference. However I still can’t give it top notches since it’s not an actual episode and again, largely filler.


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