Review: RWBY “Stealing from the Elderly”

Mission gone wrong.


The gang puts their espionage into action.

Our Take:

Admittedly, this was a pretty short episode and not much happened this time around. This episode really could’ve been longer. The gang puts their plan into action, which includes them in multiple locations. They attempt to commandeer one of the ships to use for themselves, but things go terribly wrong. Also, there’s a gundam.

Qrow has a small breakdown when things go wrong, and launches into a fit of self-blame. Thing is, he’s not entirely incorrect. The actions of Ozpin and his followers and their underestimating how deep Salem’s network went is responsible for this current predicament. The older generation and the lack of precautions is to blame to some respect, but what’s different is how Qrow is saying it. He is taking the blame as a way to shut down and in his own way, forego responsibility. Inadvertently, he becomes an object of pity instead of someone willing to actually act on his convictions. Ruby manages to see through his blame and stops him before he can continue, pointing out that in the end, it doesn’t really matter. What really matter is whether Qrow is willing to continue helping them with their cause- all else pales in comparison.

Adam is back yet again, and is responsible for Blake’s delay. Interestingly enough, he has taken on a different form of instability. Him being in a state of shock following his defeat, but the way he internalizes his problems come as a surprise. He tells Blake to get away from him and to get out of his life, odd words for someone that hunted her down. In truth, Blake wants nothing to do with him and would be fairly content with never dealing with him again, but still he follows her. He is incapable of seeing his behavior from the other side, and is only obsessed with his own perceptions of things. Blake is willing to let him go and forget the past to move on from it, but the suggestion infuriates him. After all, changing the past or acknowledging that their past was flawed means that Adam will lose the fear and impact that he has over Blake. Not only will his pride not allow it, but neither will his all-consuming need for power and control. Adam is slipping, and it’s becoming all the more evident this time around.


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