A kingly gift turns out to be more than it seems…

Our Take

Further continuing the non-linear nature of this series, This storyline is based on the 5th story taken directly from the RWBY: Fairy Tales of Remnant book. The primary focus this time around is about a wise king with all the answers, at least until he encounters an unknown cloaked stranger giving him one of the fabled four relics from RWBY’s lore known as the “Relic of Choice” and visually we get a glimpse of what it the significant role it could play for the future episodes/seasons in mainline RWBY storylines.

Narrated once again by Ozpin (Shannon McCormick) He talks about how thin the veil between good and evil is. And how sometimes too much knowledge is capable of corrupting an individual. With the exception of Ozpin, the voice acting is a mixed bag with some performances coming across as stiff and dry, especially the King (Andre Ouellette) who at some parts of the story sounds almost like Dan Harmon’s “Bird Person” from Rick and Morty.

Overall, a well-paced short story that ends on an unexpectedly wholesome note. What I find puzzling after all this is that the King just blindly accepted the object from a shady hooded dude with horns on his head who straight up disappears after leaving the King with this Object foresight which only raises too many questions. Who the fuck was that person? How did he get his hands on the Relic? and why give it to the King in the first place? Hopefully, other fairy tales within this series will answer this, but who knows at this point…

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