This episode was 4 mins and 7 seconds with zero promo ads.

Spoilers Below: 

“Yang Boops”

Neptune criticizes Yang for being a tomboy. He compares her to Ruby (cute), Weiss (cultured), and Nora (adorably boops people on the nose). He says that Yang isn’t feminine enough for his tastes and that she should try being girlier– maybe then he might ask her out. Yang responds by punching him out of the room.



“Steals and Wheels”

Roman and Neo advertise a new energy drink that will make people cooler. However, the people who try it out end up throwing up. Next, the two open up a bargain car dealership. When Yang tries out one of the motorcycles, it breaks down. Finally, the two of them open a law firm specializing injury compensation, specifically the injuries they caused with their previous products. The people injured by their products show up and advance on them.




Jaune leaves the corner store, and wonders if he remembered to pay for his candy bar. Neptune and Sun call out to him, and he flees, thinking they’re cops. He flees, running into Ruby, and his fear begins to escalate. At home, he finds Ren, who he tells his new name Felippe. He packs his bags and escapes after Neptune and Sun knock on the door. The duo enter, revealing that Jaune dropped his wallet, and they just wanted to return it to him.




All of the shorts this time earned a chuckle from me. The first one did give me a bit of a cringe because being criticized for not being typically ‘ladylike’ enough is a comment I sure heard enough times in my life. Good job on punching him, Yang.

There was no ‘worst’ short this time since I enjoyed them all. A fun episode, worth a watch if you need a small laugh.

Worst Short: Yang Boops

Best Short: Steals and Wheels

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