Review: RWBY Chibi “Play with Penny”

Monster killer.

Spoilers Below:

“Play with Penny”

A giant monster is attacking the city. The girls strongly hint to Ruby that she should use her silver eyes, but Ruby doesn’t do so. Zwei steps up to save the day but is easily dispatched. Penny appears, asking the group if they’d like to play. Preoccupied by the monster, they decline. Disappointed, Penny decides to take matters into her own hands- by dispatching the monster herself. Seeing that her friends are now free, Penny asks them what they’d like to play.




“Life Hacks”

Oobleck gives his own set of life hacks. He says there are no shortcuts in life, and that you have to grab opportunities by the throat. Weiss asks if he has any other advice and he says- drink more coffee. As they say a signature cheer, Oobleck rockets through the roof.




“Animal Cruelty”

Cardin bullies some animals. He’s proud of himself after hitting a crow but then who appears but Qrow- who punches him hard for his misdeeds.




Cardin’s also back again, getting some screentime here when he can’t have much in the regular series. This time he’s bullying animals, but he gets his comeuppance from the one animal he can’t see coming, Qrow. The first skit is also pretty funny, because Penny’s cheerfulness often hides how deadly she can be. Oobleck in Chibi is often a hit or miss and this one felt like a miss.

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