Review: RWBY “Argus Limited”

A fun start to the season! It’s always great to have RWBY back.


The team boards a train to Atlas.

Our Take:

Now for the main kids. It’s so great just seeing everyone hang out and have fun. The flashy fight scenes are as great as always, especially in contrast to ‘pro’ hunters who can handle themselves a lot less than the main cast. Most importantly, during a crisis, Ruby is acting like a leader. She is dispelling conflict, enlisting the help of other people, and keeping a wrap on things. Even if Qrow is the eldest and Jaune is the strategist, everyone is rallying together under Ruby. The episode doesn’t choose to show that she’s not still her same excitable self as well, but now she’s maturing. Hopefully, we’ll see more growth soon.

Another thing we see, which I predicted last season, is that Adam has lost a lot of credit as leader of the White Fang. He deserted his men and fled for his own safety, and that hasn’t been forgotten by his comrades. When he returns, he is ridiculed and berated for not behaving like a leader. This criticism, to be perfectly honest, is warranted. Adam isn’t a leader, he’s hardly charismatic. What he boils down to his fighting ability and his extremism, which are powerful things, but not enough to rouse an organization. He responds to his criticism by killing those speaking up against him, which isn’t something that tends to work long term. It makes people scared, but it doesn’t change their minds. Adam wants power and revenge against Blake, and he just seems to be using the White Fang as an excuse for that. We’ll see how he sets up his own downfall this season.

Ozpin is up to his tricks yet again. He casually mentions that the Grimm are attracted to the relic, which easily puts innocent people in danger. Many of the kids are enraged that such important information is being withheld yet again, but with the situation the way it is, there’s no real time to discuss it. Judging from the opening (closing) credits, Jaune is going to be the one confronting Ozpin about that later. To be honest, this has a long time coming, and I’m ready for someone to finally force Ozpin to see that there are consequences to keeping everyone in the dark.

So far, so good! Let’s see what’s in store.


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