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Mordecai’s been spending a lot of time with CJ as of late leaving Rigby to do all of the park work, but when the opportunity arises for Mordy to put a good word in with the other park employees, Mordecai acts like an asshole and denies it. This inspires Rigby to quit his job and work for a moving company. Problem is, this company requires you to lift things with your back, of which we all know isn’t the right way to lift heavy objects. Come pay day, the boss’ screw with Rigby in getting a check, but when Mordecai tries to help out, the new mover is too proud. As a result, Rigby unloads a moving truck all by himself. Obviously, Rigby quits and he opts to get his old job back. Rigby and Mordy make up, and everything looks legit.

This week’s episode teaches kids at home one important thing….always lift with your KNEES! Unfortunately, in terms of laughs, this week’s episode was a bit light. The standard trope applies here featuring one of the characters getting into a jam, a montage bails them out, and everything goes back to normal. However, having Rigby the focal point was a nice change of pace, and seeing an ensuing argument between the two bunk mates was rather compelling.

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