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Marge is all excited to invite Mordecai over for a BBQ despite Rigby acting like a douche. However, mixed reviews are out for her dad, the friends think he’s a little rough around the edges whilst Marge loves the guy to death. Once the BBQ is underway, Mordecai meets the whole family of whom look like Marge except her dad of whom is straight human. Marge decides to go swimming, but when Mordecai forgets his suit, her dad is more than willing to loan him a skimpy speedo! Evidently, Marge’s Dad Mr. Smith did this as a setup to embarrass Mordecai. Poor guy is just trying to impress the guy, and decides to close the handshake deal by challenging Mr. Smith to a cannonball contest in the pool. After a while, Mr. Smith decides to up the stakes for cannonballs when he calls in a chopper to challenge Mordecai to an at LEAST a 50 foot cannonball drop! Turns out Mr. Smith is just worried about losing his daughter to Mordecai and the guys seem to settle their differences, but the  chopper starts to go  haywire which causes Mr. Smith to fall out of the chopper followed closely by Mordecai whom is trying to save him. The duo end up falling in the pool for a monster cannonball which leads them both into the hospital, but aside from some injuries they will make it out OK.

Mordecai JUST got out of the friend-zone and now he has to meet the father?? SUCKS! Been there, done that although no dad I have ever met wants to challenge you to a cannonball match-up. However, it is fairly accurate when you go to the family functions of your significant other that you are kind of nervous the first few times because you don’t know anyone and everyone in the room is sizing you up to see if you are any good. The writers do a fantastic job of putting together the setting, because its sure as hell accurate. That said, Mordecai’s typical bravado and sheer will shine through which makes for an awesome tug-of-war you don’t want to miss!

9 out of 10

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