Review: Red vs Blue “Limbo”

There’s a whole world out there.


Huggins finds her parents at the end of a black hole.

Our Take:

This episode focused mostly on Huggins, and her discovery about herself. As it turns out, since she is just compressed information, she can’t actually die, not even to a black hole. Considering that a black hole can’t destroy her, what it can do is put her in a place that’s beyond space and time, where she is able to exist freely. There she meets her parents, who explain that she can visit other timelines by accelerating herself across space.

There is one person who’s able to notice her as she travels through time- Caboose. It’s always been suspected that Caboose is smarter than he looks, even if he doesn’t exactly act on the same moral or social axis as everyone else. In fact, he’s the first one, the only one out of the group, who is completely aware that he’s jumping around timelines. He doesn’t know the details of the paradox, most likely, but he is able to figure that much out, just by interacting with Huggins for a little while. It’s unclear whether this will come into play in the future, but I hope it does. Caboose needs more individual screentime.

Overall, this was alright. It did provide information about time travel and some hijinks with the group once they’re currently situated, but it didn’t feel all that impactful. Granted, it’s clearly a bridge episode, and not every episode needs to hit incredibly hard, but I still felt like I was waiting for something to happen, and it never did. At least Tucker got trolled really, really hard.

One of the things that made the episode weaker was that the audience, or at least me, doesn’t feel very attached to Huggins. She’s been around since the last season, and her friendship with Grif was something I recalled fairly distinctly, but it’s been a while. I don’t remember her brief backstory about her parents being killed by a black hole, so their sudden reappearance didn’t mean much to me. What should have been at least a callback moment felt like it came out of the blue. Perhaps if I had marathoned the season before leading up to this one I would have remembered, but I do recall the major points of everything else. That made this moment, unfortunately, feel a little extraneous for an episode that didn’t catch my attention much.

To be fair, it’s not a bad episode. But it didn’t feel good either– just average.

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