Review: Red vs Blue “Killing Time”

A last ditch effort to stop the apocalypse.


Genkins, with the power of Chrovos, starts attempting his mischief.

Our Take:

Since Genkins now has Chrovos’ powers, he has placed a restriction on the main team: namely, they can’t travel freely across time anymore. They are stuck in the moment where Washington got shot, the original paradox that is still remaining as such. Because they’re stuck in one place, they would be unable to chase Genkins across time as he creates more paradoxes himself.

Unfortunately, Genkins is very predictable, and through the team messing around with each other, they realize that the portal guns can’t bring them to different places, but they can transport objects. They can also open up portals elsewhere, and act as video chat, in a way, but they can’t transport people. In a great tactical move, they use the portal as a distraction and pin Genkins in place. Sure enough, it works- for a short period, at least.

Genkins brings them to a new space, an enclosed platform outside of time. There the team is divided into individual spaces, where they all confront their worst fears. It’s unclear whether the prisons that they’re in are actual points in time or merely reconstructed instances of their worst moments. They have no way to reach each other and exist on separate planes. Since they don’t have the ability to cross time anymore, it seems that for the moment, they’re trapped.

Interestingly, the one person that isn’t stuck in Genkins’ prison is Donut. Chrovos revealed that Donut, being the one who struck her with the hammer, is operating on the same timeline as she is. In other words, Donut is also operating at Genkins’ timeline, since he has since taken Chrovos’ powers. Chrovos, in wanting to get revenge on Genkins for betraying her first, knows that he’s following her plan- and she knows how to undo it. If she has given this information to Donut, then Donut would be able to make Genkins’ plotting a lot harder. After all, Genkins is a god, and Donut is still human- and gods can’t harm a shisno. If it ends up in a confrontation, Genkins with all of Chrovos’ powers, still wouldn’t be able to gain the upper hand. Either way, it’s worth watching to see what Chrovos is planning in her depowered state, and what each of the team is seeing in their personal prisons.

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