Review: Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty “The Loch Mess Monster”; “Might Meow and Super Lucha”

Not too scary.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

The Loch Mess Monster

The Loch Ness Monster is making his residence at Miguel’s house so he’s gotta bunk up with Felicity which is a real culture shock because he’s a slob and she’s a neat freak. After a bit, Miguel brings his mess to Felicity’s which means the monster moves with the mess which our feline homeowner is having NONE of it. Weirdly enough, after cleaning her house, the entire town gets dirty which gets the Lock Ness Monster to go nuts around town. The exterminator runs off so it’s up to Felicity to try to kick this monster’s ass. We FINALLY get to see some action in the form of Felicity going nuts with all of her powers and scaring away the monster for good…that is until Miguel moves in with him.

Might Meow and Super Lucha

Miguel and Felicity decide to don superhero alter egos and go around town to fight crime. The duo goes all out, costumes, a lair, and a whole bunch more but quickly meet their match when they come into contact with the Couch Potato. The dynamic duo bakes their nemesis and reveals their secret identities in time for their picnic.

Our Take

This week’s episode was the most fun yet. Mostly because we got to finally see some of Felicity’s powers after what seemed like forever in some rather well-done action sequences. Even better, the episodes were written with a bit more originality than prior, and with slightly improved dialogue and humor. As the show moves to daytime starting next Sunday, we’ll see if these guys can keep the rhythm going.


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