Review: Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty “Catlantic City; Scaredy Cat”

Where’s the legal department on this one?

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Catlantic City

Felicity and Miguel head to “Catlantic City”, a pretty fun town except for the fact that no dogs are allowed. Despite the disguise, Migel gets caught and thrown into jail. Fortunately, not only is Felicity able to free her friend, but help end a long-standing dispute between two cities.

Scaredy Cat

The gang heads through a scary forest so as to redeem their coupons for free cupcakes. Along the way, they meet a bunch of interesting characters, most notably a rat dressed up as a bunny. Fortunately, Felicity knows how to deal with him rather quickly and is able to complete the journey.

Our Take

How is an animated series able to blatantly rip off an animated Unikitty so unapologetically, that it’s allowed on TV? Welp, that must be why Rainbo Butterfly Unicorn Kitty is here. Too bad it’s not gonna work, because the monster arm that is LEGO is probably going to crush this franchise’s impending toy collection in favor of Unikitty which is getting a LEGO Movie 2 boost as we speak. Moreover, the series is written by the same people who worked on the latter half of The Fairly OddParents which was so bad that it pretty much cost Butch Hartman’s job at Nickelodeon.

The premises of the episode are easy to follow, the dialogue is cliched and hokey, and its attempt at being more about female empowerment is flimsy at best in favor of an effort that’s rather indicative of the other assembly-line children’s shit that Nickelodeon is famous for. I can’t believe we can’t have more Harvey Beaks or Pig Goat Banana Cricket, but Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty is considered a viable alternative.


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