Review: Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Love Boat”

I’mmmmmm talkin’ ’bout the looove boat. Exciting and brand new…

Overview (Spoilers Below)

The whole gang is on a cruise ship and Cricket is excited as hell because he has a coupon for 50c off the real ticket price. The discounted ticket comes with a bunch of crummy accommodations, but he still sticks by the fact that he saved a bunch of money on his ticket. Unfortunately, when Cricket tries to bend the rules, he gets caught and is punished.

Meanwhile, Banana runs into Ranger Rhino who threatens to fire him if he doesn’t hook him up with Owl Woman Lady that doesn’t want anything to do with him. Banana ends up gaining the lady’s affection, however, is able to make the connection before trouble ensues. Pig wants more room in his body for pickles so his skeleton rips itself out and takes off which makes Pig happy as hell at first but he soon realizes that his skeleton was more important than first thought. Goat decides to commandeer the ship so she’s gotta find the real captain after she knocks him off the ship. After playing the dual role for a while, the jig is up and Goat nearly sinks the ship had it not been for Pig’s rubbery body covering the ship long enough to get to port. Pig gets his skeleton back, and everyone spends the rest of the trip on an island.

Our Take

As we officially get to set sail for Pig Goat Banana Cricket, one can’t help but remember just how good this show was. This episode perfectly encapsulates the Looney Tunes/old school Nickelodeon DNA that the network has had lost for so long now. Why is the water orange? Who cares?? The icebergs coming to life to beat the shit out of the side of a ship is the type of stuff we come to this series for.


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