Review: Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Jimmy Ron Cricket”

The final cricket caper.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Pig takes part in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque promotion where if he finds a ticket he gets to take a tour of the Pickle Factory. Like the movie, there’s a shadowy ape that’s trying to convince all of the pickle holders to steal the pickle recipe in exchange for thousands of pickles. Turns out, the factory isn’t all that great and instead, the three ticket winners argue over who is going to return the recipe and claim the prize from the shadowy figure. Eventually, Pig comes around and we learn that the shadowy figure was part of a test and there isn’t anything to be gained by being honest.

Banana is in the woods with his Junior Ranger pals when they run into Lost Larry, a one-time Junior Ranger that was in the same class as Banana and was lost in the woods after a misunderstanding with Banana. Even after all these years, the only thing Larry wanted was to get a level three badge that Banana can help him get only for the little yellow guy to betray Larry again.

Jimmy Ron Cricket, the older brother of Cricket, has broken out of prison and has given him a visit. Cricket’s got an important dinner meeting and he doesn’t want his brother trashing it, instead, Jimmy gets the prize that Cricket wanted. The cops show up and attempt to take Jimmy to jail, but instead nabbing the wrong brother in their pursuit.

Goat’s hero pays a visit and keeps making her become all different varieties of being a queen, none of which are attractive. Fortunately, Goat gets her back and gets the crown she rightly deserves. Cricket returns home to a surprise party and the cops arrest Jimmy and bring him back to prison.

Our Take

Aaaand that’s a wrap folks! The final episode of Pig Goat Banana Cricket. If you wanna know why Nickelodeon can’t gain a new audience and has to resort to old intellectual properties, it’s because they kill off the good stuff like this show and Harvey Beaks and instead of green lighting spin-offs of terrible live-action fair. It’s sad, but Nick is getting what it deserved in the long run.



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