Review: Pig Goat Banana Cricket “Flowers for Burgerstein”

Pretty flowers…

Spoilers Below

Banana reunites with his musical family, the Banana Bunch, and discovers that his father’s days on Earth are numbered. The rest of Banana’s family beg him for help despite the fact that his father wants nothing to do with him. Banana’s keytar actually helps save both the show and his dad which makes the two friends again.

Pig takes Angry Old Raisin to a dog show, but as the dog. Pig chucks Raisin’s dog off a cliff so has to play stand-in, but Angry Old Raisin can barely see at his age, so he doesn’t know the difference. Pig eventually comes clean at the contest, but as it turns out, the competition is even worse and Raisin’s dog returns to win it all.

Goat falls in love with the repair man for her buffer responsible for keeping her horns in check. The repairman goes by the name, Tony, and he does a great job. That said, Goat doesn’t want the dude to leave so she breaks everything in the house to keep him there, and Tony even fixes one of Cricket’s gadgets that causes a monster to come through a portal and steal Tony. Goat goes in after him, but Cricket closes the portal before she can return with him.

Cricket makes Burgerstein smart thanks to a new spray that only works temporarily. This spray is part of a presentation to a judge that would allow Cricket to join a science society. To stop the temp effects, Cricket feeds Burgerstein the whole spray, who turns out to be a super smart dude and an inventor. Problem is, Burgerstein’s steals Cricket’s admittance into the society, to which he declines, and then becomes an evil scientist hell-bent on world domination. Pig shows up, eats a bunch of pickles that comprise of Burgerstein’s head, and saves the day…until he becomes an evil scientist himself. Banana shows up, punches Pig in the stomach, and also reopens the portal that brings back Goat and Tony.

Our Take

Not a bad episode, pretty plain Jane, actually. A laugh here or there, and I would’ve liked to have seen more of Banana’s family to learn about how Banana got as nuts as he is…get it…Banana nuts?  I’ll see myself out.


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