Review: Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero “Lady Starblaster / Amber”


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Lady Starblaster

Lady Starblaster is looking to take all of Earth’s water, but Rippen’s already there doing it himself. A standoff ensues, but Rippen falls for Starblaster so the team decide to team up in ridding Lady’s ships of Penn and his pals whom look to put a stop to the evil plan. Eventually, Rippen does catch Penn, Sashi, and Boone, but when a free dance lesson is used as bait to set Penn free, Rippen can’t resist. Starblaster ends up turning on Rippen so Larry kicks her ass, but she isn’t done yet.

Our Take

This episode did a lot. Not only did we get the best guest star for a cartoon all year in Sigourney Weaver complete with an Aliens nod at the end, but we got something else. We got an episode that featured quite a few enemy characters that, coupled with Rippen, should provide for epic battles later on. Starblaster and the Count both seem like worthy adversaries that, if done right, should provide good fodder for Penn and friends.

Sig was outstanding as Starblaster, with major twists and turns, you had no idea which way her character was going to go towards the end. Pretty awesome stuff deserves a pretty awesome score.


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Remember the world of cow-o-saurs? Yep, we’re back and we need to help Briggs in stopping Amber and Rippen . Unfortunately, Penn and Boone are on their own in figuring out the mission because Sashi gets nabbed by Rippen whom is flying on his pteranadon. Briggs doesn’t even remember who Penn and Boone are, but they team up anyway to try and stop Rippen from stealing all of the cow-a-saurs. We find out that Amber is actually Briggs’ daughter whom is trying to prove herself to her paw. Boone and Penn show up with Briggs and break out Sashi, and Amber reunites with her dad. Rippen tries to be the sheriff, but Amber catches up to him and ends his reign of terror.

Our Take

As opposed to the first-time we were in this world, we seemed to get not a lot of Beau Bridges which is unsettling, and I don’t much care for Olivia Holt as I think she’s really overrated. We didn’t get nearly the epic battle we got the first time around neither which kind of sees this one come across almost like a ‘leftovers’ episode as compared to the first time Beau was around. The idea for Amber’s character was pretty good, but overall I just left wanting more here…



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