Review: Party Legends “No Shortage of Boobs at This Party”


Spoilers Below

Natasha Lyonne “Lost Weekend”

Natasha heads to Vegas and a stripper loses cash at the casino. Then she heads to Miami and goes to a strip club with the cast of OITNB and run into John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen. Lyonne tries to coerce a stripper for a private lap dance for the show stars celebrating a bachelorette party but it doesn’t go as planned but eventually, she gets her strippers. The next day, the girls head to another strip club where they meet strippers that like to strip on Snapchat. Fred shows up and makes the Viceland crew sing her happy birthday and EVEN BRINGS A CAKE! Holy shit, this whole thing’s been about birthday parties and cake.



Desus Nice “We Out Here” 

Being produced by my homie, JJ Villard, Desus tells a story about Mero and he heads to a FoD event at SXSW. Turns out, Mero takes some pot edibles as the two mosey on over to a huge jenga game. Desus saves Mero’s ass from a possible tussle and Mero ends the night with a beer gag.



Jimmy O’Yang

Jimmy gets drunk and goes to a club and blacks out and acts all silly. Nothing much to see here.



 Mike Watt’s Tour Stories

As a member of the Minutemen, Mike’s got stories. This one is about him running into some dude who threatens the trio.



Best Sketch


Worst Sketch


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