Review: Party Legends “Beating Arsenio in the Chest Repeatedly”

How and why are the ATL Twins considered famous?

Mero in “Snackboxanax”

Mero invites a dude to hang out for New Year’s with a couple of hunnies. Problem is, this kid loves Xanax and that comes to a head when he nearly comes to blows with a crackhead during some party hoppin’. Then during a game of Corners, his pal punches his lady friend and flips out. Fortunately, it works out for Mero.



ATL Twins in “David Blaine Illuminati”

I don’t know who these kids are, but they met David Blaine and he did a bunch of magic tricks. Kind of a shit story from the V-list celebrity barrel.



Prince Markie Dee in “Partying with the King of Comedy”

Prince is at the Laugh Factory in LA when he runs into Eddie Murphy, Bobby Brown, and some Albie Shaw. They head to a party and Arsenio Hall is sitting in the corner and a fist fight between Bobby and Arsenio ensues for some reason. Everyone heads upstairs and find Eddie is there singing a song with the other guys. Prince leaves with Heather Locklear and nearly gets with her, but he was too tired and didn’t even know it was her at the time.



Chili from TLC in “Penis on the Bus”

Turns out these girls had a bunch of gag gifts and would pull a bunch of pranks on people and would get into trouble just like kids would do. One of these gags involved the girls constantly pulling the pants down of anyone that would come on their tour bus.



Best Sketch

Prince Markie Dee

Worst Sketch

ATL Twins

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