Review: Our Cartoon President “Wealth Gap”

Do you really think Trump is the “kind of guy to turn millions of dollars into bad ideas?”

Overview (Spoilers):

The new Forbes list of ’70 over 70′ comes out and much to Trump’s surprise; he did not make the list.  Nothing could make the president feel more insecure than questioning his net wealth.  So, of course, Trump does what Trump does best and tries to show off for America.  He asks Melania to marry him on live television in what will be the “most expensive wedding in history.”  Trump quickly realizes that he does not have the money to put where his mouth is.  He enlists the help of his children, but a lawsuit with Ted Cruz leaves him out of luck.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence is starting to feel worried that he is not keeping Karen Pence happy because they don’t have much money.  Pence sells out and takes a cheque in exchange for a conservationist’s effort.  Suddenly, Karen’s spending gets out of hand as she purchases Yankee candles, denim vests, and extra spices for her cooking.  But, Mike Pence does the biggest splurging buying his wife a porcelain angel pig.  All of this excitement might be the end of their relationship.

Our Take:

This episode did a great job of capturing why Donald Trump is so interesting to all of us.  Basically, the reason why Trump is so popular is that he spends his money the way that an average American would: getting fast food delivery and holding parades in his own honor.  That was an introspective element, and very much what the entire series tries to encompass, that Trump is dangerous because he is nothing but a stupid television sitcom father.

What if Trump wasn’t a wealthy celebrity?  There is no way that he would have become the president.  He managed to capture the attention of the average working Joe and had them wrapped around his finger before he even ran.  That is also one of the biggest risks of this series created by Stephan Colbert; it may be humanizing the president too much and making him more likable.

Despite the debate over whether Trump is capable or not, Mike Pence simply freaks me out.  Being overly religious these days is one thing, but this show captures him in such a severely uncomfortable way.  They do that with a lot of the White House staff.

Overall, even though there were some deep conversations to be had behind the episode, it was all kind of average.  Again, there is a solid foundation and a good plot, but the delivery is lackluster.  Trump by definition is over the top when I watch this show, I always hope for more.  When I heard this show was about Trump’s money, I sincerely expected to see him buy a hippopotamus and bring it to the Oval Office or something.  Unfortunately, the humor just isn’t keeping up with the commentary on this show.


Jesse Bereta

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