Review: Our Cartoon President “Mental Fitness”

Most likely.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

The hosts of Fox & Friends decide to forget all of this morning show nonsense and instead get into more serious dramas so they opt for a Downton Abbey type series from Brian Kilmeade called Friendship Manor. After a while, the trio decides to quit which is right in the nick of time because…

Donald Trump wants to show he’s mentally fit to be president so he tries all sorts of shit. Everything from creating a TV show where he rigs the results to getting a crooked doctor to give him an all clear. His kids take his television away from him which makes Donald go off the deep end and keep his promise to bomb Portugal, but the Fox & Friends crew get back together and bring Donald back to normal.

Our Take

Brian Kilmeade looks more like Bryant Gumbel than he does the Fox & Friends host and it irks me. Like every time these guys do a Fox & Friends montage I keep thinking that I’m going to get a deep dive into Turkish oil wrestling rather than a spoof on a morally corrupt individual. In any case, this week’s episode features the morning hosts and Trump essentially getting into a bunch of trouble attempting to be something that they aren’t which is a pretty common trope in these neck of the woods. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I heard myself even give a hearty laugh until Stephen Colbert’s “Wolf Blitzer” came on in a short, yet lethal, delivery. And this is coming from a guy whose favorite voice actor, John Viener, had a lot of screen time as VP Mike Pence, but even that didn’t do anything for me. The cold open with the queen was probably the track that I was expecting to be on given the recent events, instead, we get a rather complacent effort.

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