Review: Our Cartoon President “Disaster Response”

There really is no family as dysfunctional on TV as the Trump family.

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Overview (Spoilers below):

Our Cartoon President returns for a second episode and makes sure that no one is safe from the satire.  President Trump makes himself an open target of comedians and critics nearly every day but, this episode takes its jabs at the whole family.

Opening up with a mock version of “An American Family” documentary of the Trumps, Ivanka, and Don Jr. are appropriately featured, which leaves Eric feeling jealous for being left out and looking for his own identity.  Meanwhile, as the President finds his duties of disaster relief as a waste of good television watching time, he decides to hire some impersonators to help him out.  Surprisingly Eric’s nonsense talk makes him a great decoy of his own father.  In fact, he and a group of impersonators prove to be better than the real orange-man himself.

Our Take:

One of the most significant concerns with this series is if it will be able to stay relevant, which has been the demise of shows like this in the past (see: Li’l Bush (2007-08)).  However, two episodes in, it has become evident that there is so much material to work with, when it comes to the Trump administration, that this show may never run out of content.

This episode took it easy on ol’ Trump-y and put the first family in the hot seat.  But, it also gave us a continued mockery of his unhealthy lifestyle.  In fact, they touched on many topics including Trump’s inferiority when it comes to international relationships, disaster relief, and something as simple as attention span.

I enjoyed the episode, and the series thus far, but, the reality of it all can be pretty scary.  At least if they went more outrageous about the plot-lines in the show, you wouldn’t be worried that this isn’t how it really is in the White House right now.  They did say they were worried about humanizing Trump with the show, and the worry is that he is actually human.

I do wish that Our Cartoon President did not follow such a cliche format, of the stupid father figure misleading his family and community.  It makes sense for the character that the president is but, we’ve seen it all before, and there is room to do more.  A little less Family Guy, and a little more South Park and this show could find a good flow.



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