Review: Nella the Princess Knight “The Duke of Sparkleburg; A Royal Cliffhanger”

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Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

“The Duke of Sparkleburg”

Nella & Pals are invited to a party in the mysterious kingdom of Sparkleburg, but nobody knows where it is with the only vague riddle that “only the Kind & Caring” are capable of finding it…

“A Royal Cliffhanger”

Nella along the young Knight class (which resembles an actual classroom with a chalkboards) go on a field trip to “Mt. Everquest” with the prize having their flag being placed on the mountain much to the resentment of Blaine who quietly puts Nella in a disadvantage, at least until Nella’s habit of glittering her stuff somehow becomes an actual plot-point.

Our Take

As usual, Nella we’re treated with the colorful & lighthearted antics of the titular Nella and in this newest episode “The Duke of Sparkleburg” we meet a new character in the form of a small eccentric blue ogre named “Otto” who during the proceedings unintentionally puts Nella and her friends in a series of dilemmas due to his clumsy nature.

Of course with the way Otto speaks, anyone with a brain can easily see the twist coming a mile away when he spouts out two specific words that become the central focus, but the lesson kinda speaks for itself by the end.

As for “A Royal Cliffhanger”, Eventually everything works itself out in its own unique way that feels right with the show, It’s also refreshing to see some new environmental scenery outside of the Kingdom such as a classroom and an icy mountain setting with Nella displaying moments of ingenuity to boot.

Overall, while both episodes were pretty fun & harmless, the “Sparkleburg” episode was slightly annoying & predictable if you’ve seen enough fantasy shows with a twist involving some mysterious figure who always approaches things in a roundabout way, while the “Cliffhanger” episode was decent one of the two with properly conveyed lessons about honesty & proper safety when it comes to dangerous environments.


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