Review: Nella the Princess Knight “Nella Ever After; One Two Switcheroo”

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Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

“Nella Ever After”

Nella and her friends during one of their usual adventure-sessions discover a Kingdom within the clouds.

“One Two Switcheroo”

Due to a random mishap, Trinket & Olivia are accidentally turned into tiny lizard creatures called “Icky-guanas” from a magical drink Willow made called a “Switcheroo Smoothie” and must warn Nella and her friends to find an Antidote.

Our Take

While we do get a sense of awe & wonder in regards to the proceedings of “Nella Ever After” the episode itself at least does something different by having a change of colors and a scenery setting that thankfully doesn’t invent new shades of green forest scenery or blue caves with some fun character moments for added measure.

As for “One Two Switcheroo” the magical drink Willow makes is kinda weird because, in order for it to work, You’d have to recite the incantation which is the episode’s title. I mean, what would happen if somebody else said it out loud around a random person who drank it without saying a word?

Compared to the former episode, the latter I felt had more substance in terms of a well-meaning message about how you can still be yourself no matter how much you physically change and that’s what should matter the most. Even if you’ve physically changed, Your still you on the inside and it also helped that Trinket & Olivia are friends with an understanding person like Nella to get that point across.

Overall, while one of the episodes was slightly flawed in terms of writing quality, the other at least properly convey’s the right kind of message for its target-audience about acceptance and I guess that’s a good thing by kid-show standards.


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