Napoleon’s belief in the general awesomeness of ligers (lion-tiger hybrids) is shattered when he gets a job at a liger farm and finds that they may not be the magnificent beasts he has always imagined. But Deb’s sweetness helps to restore his faith.

Spoilers Below

After breaking his Grandma’s glasses, Napoleon has to go find a job to help pay for the repairs. The school counselor luckily has the coolest job ever, a gig at the Liger farm!  As it turns out the Ligers aren’t nearly as cool as advertised, and are actually lazy pieces of shit that sit around and eat Go-Gurt and French toast sticks all day(not that that’s a bad thing). Napoleon, after having pretty much an acid trip, is inspired to make sure the ligers from this farm are back to their prosperous selves. He starts by stealing a baby  and makes an attempt to teach the pup into being a vicious hunter, but when the mother takes note that its baby is no longer in her care, she leads a whole pack of ligers to track down and kill Napoleon.  But first, all of the ligers invade Preston causing all sorts of anarchy, that is until they get Napoleon and the rest of his family trapped in his own home, while he holds the baby liger, pretty much for hostage.

This week’s episode is so far the season’ best. Basically, the writers took a funny gag that was in the feature film, and turned it into a 21 minute plot device that can work in animation because there are no boundaries! Thus, Napoleon has OFFICIALLY made the jump into Animation Domination, and if rating stay strong, I believe the lineup FOX gave us tonight could be the sign of things to come.

(8.0 out of 10)


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