In a world where humanity is extinct and Earth is in a post-apocalyptic state, worker drones struggle and toil to survive and defeat rogue robots called Murder Drones.

Our Take:

I went into this completely blind and was very pleasantly surprised. This show was hilarious and kind of reminded me of another pilot I saw on YouTube, Hazbin Hotel. That show eventually got picked up for a tv series and after watching this pilot I hope Murder Drones gets the same treatment.

In a world where humans are gone and all that’s left is the worker bots that helped them what happens? Well… apparently robot murder because of business reasons. JC Jenson, the parent company of the robots, sends disassembly robots to get rid of the workers.

The comedy in this show was fantastic, it had a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor. A lot of what the robot’s faces expressed was fantastic. Some of my favorites were “Exposition Bootup” and “Angsty Teen Re-Installed”. The timing of all the jokes was fantastic and they all landed like they were supposed to.

Normally I tend to stray away from CGI shows but I was really glad I watched this one. Not only was it funny but there was also some action. Let me tell you the action scenes were fantastic! They were well animated and of course, comedy was included in these as well. There were a couple of silly moments that were a bit hard to believe but when you are watching post-apocalyptic murder bots I think that’s fine.

Murder Drones hasn’t got a second episode or full season announcement as of yet. I really hope it does because it was a lot of fun. If you watched it and enjoyed it you can help support them by buying some of their Murder Drones merch. Who wouldn’t want a murder robot plushie?


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