Review: Mr. Pickles “Tommy’s Cartoon”/Season 3 Finale

There’s a lot going on here.


Tommy’s Cartoon

Tommy produces a new anti-drug cartoon featuring a character that wears a hat on top of his pineapple head after he gets Astronaut Dolphin Detective canceled due to its light-hearted take on drug use. When Tommy is tasked with making his own show, it doesn’t take long for his producers to want to get inspired so they go on a class trip for some drugs. Tommy and Sheriff confront the dealers while Mr.Pickles heads for the class. Grandpa goes to the TV network execs with an idea about a cartoon featuring an evil dog.

Mr. Pickles melts the producer of Astronaut Dolphin Detective and then Tommy premieres his new shitty cartoon in front of the whole class which inspires the TV producers to get the drug dealers to make a new series called Mr.Pickles. 

Season 3 Finale

Grandpa decides to move into the mountains but Mr. Pickles finds him. Fortunately, Grandpa was prepared and is able to apprehend the dog.  Mr.Pickles starts to talk and even begins to tell us how he came to be, but he gets out of his capture and a big long chase ensues with the dog chasing after Grandpa through the snowy mountains. Eventually, the chase ends with Grandpa getting framed and arrested for Mr. Pickles’ crimes, and we also learn that it wasn’t actually Pickles that was talking to us.

Our Take

We get endings to quite a few arcs all in one shot appears. Mr. Pickles is still ongoing as evidenced in Tommy’s Cartoon, but something tells me that Astronaut Dolphin Detective and the pineapple are officially on the chopping block. The finale was a bit more important, giving us the franchise’s patented end of season cliffhangers, with this one potentially setting up some sort of a trial against Grandpa for next season for murders conducted by Mr. Pickles. And yes, I’m totally fine with Mr. Pickles not actually talking, but I did want to see some more of that backstory as a possible means of an n explanation of the crazy shit that is Mr. Pickles. By far, the show caps off it’s best season to date.


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