Review: Mr. Pickles “Gorzoth” ; “Tommy Goes to School”

But you don’t, so there you go.

Overview (Spoilers Below)


An archaeologist discovers a golden head named “Gorzoth” that can unlock the door to riches. What does the head really unlock? Decapitations from Mr. Pickles. Meanwhile, Beverly and Linda go shopping with some new found money but then a bunch of people pretending to be homeless act like zombies and chase them around town.

“Tommy Goes to School”

Of course, there’s a dance on Tommy’s first day of school and he really wants to go with Suzie, but she mischaracterizes Tommy as a bully and ends up going with another guy. Fortunately, Tommy finds a date in the form of a shunned former student and walking zit that eventually pops and gives way to a nice looking girl who has a history with the principal who was nearly beheaded by the mob had it not been for Mr. Pickles. To celebrate, the kids dance the night away covered in zit juice.

Our Take

One of the major assets of Mr. Pickles is it’s stellar attention to detail in the character designs and with a new school for Tommy to play with we got to see a smorgasbord of crazy shit ideas that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. Over the course of both episodes, we get hands as feet or plungers, and Linda’s body is like a raggedy “Mr. Fantastic” that wouldn’t look out of place being the star of her own comic book series.

Unfortunately, both episodes had their problems with their respected plots. “Gorzoth” was actually quite a bit of a let down because I thought the cave was going to lead to something new altogether for Mr. Pickles to have to deal with, but to no avail. And while Tommy’s school appears to have a bunch of potential for really strong storylines in the future, our first stop is the cliched “contest to get the girl at the dance” trope that we more or less have been dealing with since the days of Pretty in Pink. 

Overall, definitely the weakest serving of episodes in the season thus far. The “Gozarth” bit seemed to be a wasted opportunity, but I’m scoring the school episode a tad higher because I’d love to revisit the setting a bunch more times with more innovative ideas and see if this mutated student body can come up with additional fun ideas.


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