Review: Mother Up ‘Everybody Sees 2Bit’s Wang’


Spoilers Below

Rudi Wilson is flat broke because her royalty checks aren’t what they used to be. 2Bit and his spiritual adviser come by to crash with Rudi, but when the lady of the house asks for rent money Mr. Bit can’t afford to pay. Rudi decides to make some quick cash by going to the blood bank to sell his blood, but she doesn’t get much in return so she has to do it a bunch of times to the point where she is pretty much a skeleton.

Back at school, all the kids have the latest in hot shoes but because their Mom is broke neither Dick nor Apple can get them without going to a second-hand store. Dick eventually runs into 2Bit and his spiritual adviser, but Rudi saves the day by equipping the kids with the new shoes that they wanted. Unfortunately, the kids at school are already on to a new fad, so now the shoes are useless.

When the kids at school get on the new trend, Apple and Dick beg their mom for a brand-new blanket that makes kids invisible. The Wilson kids really want the blanket so Rudi heads back to the blood bank. The Dr. there offers up alternative methods of making money, but he seems shady at best. Sarah heads on over to the Wilson household and runs into a naked 2Bit, but Rudi heads to a Drug Testing Facility, but has an allergic reaction after her first dosage. Turns out that the drugs cause Rudi to experience a swelled tongue and temporary blindness, BUT they get her money so that she can buy her kids the blankets they wanted. Too bad, because the kids are now on to a new thing called PMD’s where kids put on a contraption that literally shreds money. Whilst at the school, Rudy gets another allergic reaction, this one sees her growing a beard!

Apple and Dick really want those PMD’s, but this time Rudi doesn’t seem to be changing her tune on whether or not to get said PMD’s. Dick decides to stay home from school where he overhears 2bit’s spiritual adviser and his plan to screw over Rudi AND her client of profits. Problem is, Rudi can’t do anything now because she gets kidnapped and brought to the drug facilities where she’s able to get the money for her son’s new PMD. Dick decides to tell 2Bit about what he saw earlier, but the artist isn’t buying. However, Dick is a pretty smart kid and he pulls a stunt that involves his invisible blanket and a full confession from the ‘adviser’ who gets hit by a car anyway. 2Bit thanks Dick who throws away all of the shit his mother bought, however since 2Bit is an artist he can START trends which he does when he buys Apple and Dick a new set of stilts. Rudi’s drug facility gets shut down in the process.



Overall, the plot for this week’s episode of Mother Up was rather week, but there are a lot of things going for this show that are starting to perk my interest. Borrowing a page from his recent Family Guy stint, notice that producer Michael Shipley is starting to integrate sci-fi elements into the show episodes. From invisibility blankets to shoes that make you fly, and machines strapped to torsos that chop up money this week seemed to have a lot and I hope its a trend that continues. The show overall has a lot of strong suits like great voice acting, nice plot elements, and a strong leading lady. Give this show some time and maybe add some dollars to the writing staff and you may have something here. Just keep the Hulu censors at bay.


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