Review: Mike Tyson Mysteries ‘A River Runs Through it into a Heart of Darkness’

10) Mike Tyson Mysteries (tie)
10) Mike Tyson Mysteries (tie)

Spoilers Below

Pigeon’s name is Richard and the gang gets a new mission to fly to Nicaragua to help a Chinese real estate developer build the biggest canal in the world. The developer, named Wang, convinces Mike Yung, Marques, and Pigeon that building the damn is halted only by a local indigenous tribe that creating the canal can literally help put their area on the map and that they shouldn’t care about any environmental hazards that could come about.

Mike is tasked with delivering this same message, but due to a language barrier he can’t. Fortunately, we run into Richard’s father-in-law who lives there now, and is able to mediate a conversation that eventually sees Mike and the mystery gang come to grips with the notion that helping Wang with his project is wrong. Too bad, because by the time everyone heads back to Wang’s offices to fight back, the Earth gets a boner and we fade to black.

That ending was a little odd, but there was a lot of funny to be had all throughout the episode. Mike kept getting on top of tables to try and make a point, and the constant jokes at Yung’s expense was great. She’s almost like Meg from Family Guy, but is the only one who understands how dumb everything said towards her is. Marques actually showed up with some decent one-liners, as did Richard, which made for an entertaining affair. Again, that ending, I couldn’t help but figure another 12 minutes would’ve played out to include a longer battle and maybe a trip to try and destroy the Earth dick. In any case, Mike Tyson Mysteries returns with maybe its best episode of the season so far.


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