Review: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Break Out “Breaking Stuff Is Hard To Do” ; “Killer Queen”

Such a prick.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

With reinforcements here, everyone splits up to collect fragments for a Hela-powered sword that should be strong enough to help stop the Serpent. The last one is on Niflheim with Hela who is restricted from leaving her realm by way of Odin. While Hela imprisons the other Guardians, she convinces Rocket to open up a chest that contains her power, only for Rocket to pull a fast one and get both his Guardians and Hela’s reconstructed sword off of the planet ready to do battle with the Serpent.

Our Take

That’s right, we got a whole hour of fragment collecting which, if you’re familiar with most Marvel animated television that’s featured on Disney XD, is par for the course. Maybe the smartest thing this show has ever done is killed off James Arnold Taylor’s horrendous take on “Yondu” even if the idea is less than original and really only put into practice inspired by the sequel MCU film. The Thor: Ragnarok wannabe action sequences featuring Hela were the technical highlight in an otherwise uninspiring hour that merely is for a setup for the series final featuring  Henry Winkler as “Grandpa Quill” which is ironic because when Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is finally canceled it’ll finally be “Happy Days”.

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