Review: Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest “The Panther and the Wolf “


Overview (Spoilers Below)

With Tiger Shark and N’Jadaka aligning themselves with the Shadow Council, Black Panther and Shuli are investigating as to who the hell else is in the organization. They decide to confront White Wolf who has a whole list of operatives but he won’t give it up. After a back and forth tussle between the two that sees past misgivings brought to the forefront, M’Baku shows up to show allegiance to the Shadow Council and nearly destroys all three of them with his Man-Ape force-enhancement. Fortunately, he’s quickly defeated, and perhaps Black Panther gains a new ally in the process.

Our Take

This week’s romp is one of the better episodes of the season so far because it’s the only one that has started the process of really digging into the Black Panther mythos with the introduction of White Wolf and the reintroduction of M’Baku as a proper “Man-Ape”. While the choreography remains to be a major flaw in the franchise, and the dialogue seemingly dense, the storyline is becoming a bit more interesting as time goes on. That said, Man-Ape’s character design was rather bland, and White Wolf looks less like a wolf and more like the “White Panther” (perhaps is trademark cape would’ve been a better differentiator), but I’m liking the progression of the plot.


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