Review: Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest “Into the Deep”

Oh jeez…

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Black Panther and his sister Shuri heads to Atlantis so that Shuri can smooth over any rough patches that were made from his recent visit to NYC and so that Panther can figure out why Tiger Shark attacked in the first place. After much snooping around, we eventually learn that Wakandan ambassador to Atlantis, Erik Killmonger, has reformed the Shadow Council and freed Tiger Shark. As a result, Atlantis and Wakanda are nearly at the brink of war, and Black Panther gains the ire of the rest of the Avengers that eventually sees the titular character demoted to Secret Avenger.

Our Take

Unlike last week’s promising start, “Into the Deep” starts to show some of the shit that makes the Disney adapted animated series so ridiculous. For starters, all of the character designs for the fight scenes that Panther has had, are all very uninspiring. From giant fish and shrimp to even Komodo dragons, the producers of this series must’ve come up with a lot of their plot elements by reading off the kids menu at Red Lobster. Throw in the fact that the show is so lame as to rehash the return of Killmonger in the first place instead of coming up with something a bit more original, October is looking like a long as hell month for anything decent from this show coming down the pike.


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