Review: Marvel Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest “Widowmaker”


Aka Lisa’s rocket launcher.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

T’challa, Stark, and Rogers take a jet to an abandoned island once inhabited by the Shadow Council and it is believed that Black Widow is here. Turns out, she’s here alright, and fighting off a bunch of monsters to boot. Another problem, there’s an invisible force field that’s probably giving off an EMP that is deactivating both Stark’s suit and the jet these guys rode in on. We’re able to get off the island with Widow just in time for Black Panther to return to Wakanda for an ambush from the Council and their new leader…Queen Bask. Bask beats the shit out of Panther and then we fade to black until next week.

Our Take

The character designs for those monsters on the island looked like a poor man’s take on Man-Thing just with nowhere near the artistry that is seen in the comics. Worst yet, some of the fight scenes are so damn clunky that it’s hard to take anything going on seriously. Moreover, there were so many plot holes this week that it’s starting to become unnerving. For starters, Tony, for whatever reason, is still utilizing the source of his suit as the thing keeping his heart from dying which is odd because we fixed that in the movies a while ago. Moreover, earlier in the season when we get the flashbacks with Bashenga fighting Bask, it’s noted that the vibranium is the only thing that can withstand the power of Bask’s crow. If that’s the case, then why the hell did Panther’s helmet shatter into a million pieces? The duo decided to also embark in ritual combat for the figurative crown of T’challa, however, the producers decided to take out all of the fun that was introduced in the way the feature films did the ritual combat scenes and instead put on a ham-filled effort that doesn’t make any sense. It appears that we’re near the end of the season, and not a moment too soon because clearly, the producers didn’t want to showcase TOO much finesse and instead we get Marvel on Disney XD status quo.


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