Review: Marvel Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest “King Breaker”

The king of kings.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

With Cap alive, Black Panther and White Wolf head to Atlantis where they run into both Attuma’s army and the Avengers. That said, we learn that Black Widow has been taken hostage, Hawkeye doesn’t really trust the Wakandans just yet despite Cap being alive, and Attuma is killed by Killmonger who makes a daring escape. After Attuma is killed, his daughter Lady Elana takes the mantle and teams up with Tiger Shark to hunt down all of the “surface dwellers” who may be responsible for her father’s murder.

Our Take

I’m increasingly being disappointed by this show’s depiction of Atlantis. With the rise of characters like Orka coming to play, we have to wonder, where hell is Andromeda and Namor with all of this shit going down? Everyone knows that Andromeda is Attuma’s only daughter, not this Lady Elana bologna, and Namor would’ve ended this episode in seven minutes flat. In any event, I love Orka’s look in this show, but because of the simplistic nature of the other characters’ designs, their fight scenes come off as clunky and not very exciting. Clearly, the idea of using a mostly Atlantean-based story is handicapping the writers in any real ground-breaking highlights, and as such, the show suffers. Attuma’s death would be a seismic shock in actual Marvel comics, in this show, it’s at best a foot note.


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