Review: Hotel Transylvania the Series “Curse Club/Casket if You Can”

Hotel Transylvania and the antics continue! Mavis (Bryn McAuley), Hank (Gage Munroe), Wendy (Evyn Rosen), and Pedro (Joseph Motiki) wreak the usual havoc. In “Curse Club,” Aunt Lydia (Dan Chameroy) makes Mavis clean out Pedro’s mailbox.

Throughout the episode, Pedro reveals that he’s joined the curse club. He’s trying to learn how to throw down a curse. Unfortunately, it seems Pedro isn’t bestowed with supernatural powers. “What kind of mummy can’t curse. To boost his confidence, Mavis dupes Pedro into thinking his curses to turn Mavis into a werewolf and switch Hank and Wendy went over successfully. Unfortunately, Pedro continues casting curses, and Mavis must run around frantically attempting to trick him.

Pedro enters the curse club, which is like fight club. However, as it’s announced beforehand “the first rule of curse club is tell everybody about curse club!” They’re trying to grow their numbers. By the end of the episode, as you can probably guess, Pedro can now cast curses. I like the reference to Fight Club. It’s pretty hilarious and likely go right over the heads over small children watching.

Then in “Casket if You Can,” Lydia gets out her rejuvenating coffin. Her instructions: don’t disturb Lydia over anything for an hour. It’s hilarious watching a montage of Mavis as she attempts to keep herself occupied. It turns out this lasts about two minutes. On a quick bathroom break, everything including the rejuvenation coffin gets thrown out for fear of contamination with chicken pox. To compound the situation, a human picks up the casket thinking it’s an antique. As such, Mavis, Pedro, Hank, and Wendy embark on a mission to retrieve the coffin with Aunt Lydia in it. There’s even a line reminiscent of The Wicker Man or even Tommy Boy when Hank, riding the coffin, hits a beehive and bellows “bees! Why is it always bees!”

Again, I like the camaraderie between Mavis, Hank, Pedro, and Wendy. Plus, there are a few fun references throughout. Still, it’s rather predictable. You can guess exactly what happens. I like seeing the humans again. There is a brief musical number which doesn’t really fit the episode at all. Especially with a short run time, these segments could totally be cut. Nevertheless, it’s a cure pair of episodes.


Moe Long

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