Review: Hot Streets “Super Agent”

Was this week’s episode, super? (thanks for asking)

Overview (Spoilers Below)

While Mark and French are preoccupied with a menial task and Jen is dealing with technical issues, Chubbie becomes a super agent after he gets two badges that can turn into lightsabers. He uses these powers to free Rufia 1-12. Chubbie does just that and shit hits the fan when the Ambassador of Doom shows up and threatens Earth. Fortunately, Chubbie teams up with Bryce and the duo slash all and are able to return Rufia to her confinement so that the balance of space can go back to the way it was.

Our Take

The plot is messy, but by golly, but if the background design on this week’s episode of Hot Streets is any indication to the potential of the future of supernatural worlds that this show is gonna go, then I’m fucking excited. The space world designs were on par with anything Rick and Morty are doing”, but there’s more of an affinity here for like He-Man and Star Wars than there is for anything where Roiland is best known for.

This week also showcased the animated fight choreography skills of the series better than at any point in the show’s run up until now. Fans of the more modern way in which Stars Wars movies choreograph their fight scenes would really get a joy out of Bryce and Chubbie teaming up to destroy my new favorite name for a death metal band aka the Ambassadors of Doom.

By the way, under the radar, Ming Na Wen (Agents of Shield)’s take on Soo Park is as solid of a casting choice as this show could’ve made. It makes me happy that the producers kind of gave us a unique authority figure at the head of all this craziness, and Ming Na Wen’s doing a fabulous job here and I expect that to continue.


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