Review: Hot Streets “Pilot”

Was this shit, hot?

Spoilers Below

We haven’t had a good crime fighting show in a long time, but this may be a great place to start. Hot Streets is an animated series that follows FBI Agent Mark Branski and his partner David French in a rather bland-looking town writhing with the supernatural. In this case, it’s a bunch of humanoid monsters with heads looking like these guys came from Mars Attacks! 

Living with Mark is his niece Jen and a dog named Chubbie Webbers, budding investigators of their own with Chubbie serving as almost a Scooby-Doo-like sidekick as he dons costumes in order to complete tasks and is curiously able to walk upright in most situations. When Mark comes down with an infection, Chubbie, Jen, and David have to go to extreme measures to get a cure.

Our Take

Overall, I really enjoyed Hot Streets, but my problem is that Chubbie became my favorite character, and we have a series on Adult Swim that features a dog that fights crimes in a supernatural world called Mr. Pickles, so does the network have room for two of those? The aesthetic of the series is a trip giving us a quality throwback to a sort of a mid-80s vibe featuring characters that spill rhetoric that could even cause Sterling Archer to run for his money. That said, it I would’ve liked to have seen more of David just to get a feel, but overall there’s a lot to like here.


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