Review: Hedgehog for Hire “We’re Home/Cold Blooded”

I main Earthworm Jim in Smash Ultimate.


Sonic, Tails, Eggman, and Earthworm Jim get to work on the next big Sonic game, so they enlist the help of Morty from Morty Kombat to code it. They then head to the Ice Climber game to get tips on making an ice level but get shitfaced on Thunderhead’s ass-wine. Jim kills Morty out of jealousy and Eggman meets his daughter while eating out of a dumpster.


So, I don’t know what the heck happened with last week because I sure couldn’t find “We’re Home” anywhere on either VRV or Rooster Teeth’s website until today. And it STILL isn’t on VRV as of this writing. Although I have to wonder how much of a priority this series really is to have a consistent release schedule considering it’s one taken from a different channel with only 3 minutes each episode and a copyright issue because of the name. Plus it’s not like what RT did with RVB where they got in Microsoft’s good graces early on since this show would NEVER fly with Sega as they want the Sonic brand to be seen.

But hey, two episodes at once means I have more to talk about! So, we’ve got a concrete plot: the guys are trying to put together a better game than Sonic Mania after Sonic and Tails trash it. Apparently, this is a world where Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Boom, Sonic Forces, and the upcoming live action Sonic movie don’t exist, which I guess means they mine the overflowing deposits of jokes available to them. Granted, they might not be the most original jokes, but that sounds like a better time than needlessly constricting themselves to solely bashing Mania, which people actually liked.

And now that the rest of the old gang has assembled, I can finally discuss how I feel about them as I’ve seen them across the first seven seasons. Basically, they’re all about the same flavor of an annoying selfish angry asshole with minor variants here and there. Sonic is the resentful ego-driven diva, Tails is the resentful sidekick, Eggman is a resentful overeater, and Jim is just resentment incarnate. Basically, they all hate each other all of the time and none of them are likable, which makes wanting to see them succeed at whatever they want to do pretty difficult. They come up with schemes because…they’re dicks. They screw up these plans because…they’re dicks. They then learn nothing because…they’re all dicks. And again, it’s not like with RVB where there are some actual relationships forming and a bigger plot at work, they just screw everything up all the time because of …humor?

Which reminds me, the comedy is pretty much entirely fueled by how much needlessly R-rated they make dialogue just to be edgy. One gag was literally just Earthworm Jim saying “illegal cocaine and hooker sex dumpster” and then Eggman says he hates him. Oh, and I can’t forget the rape joke which is just “haha rape”. People get on Big Bang Theory’s case for thinking references are substituted for actual comedy, but this is PROBABLY close to just as bad. Either way, at least we’re almost halfway done with this season.

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