Review: Hedgehog for Hire “The Comeback”

You could call it a comeback, but this show’s been here for years!


The villains led by Mario fight back Eggman and Eggette, but they still come up short. Eggette tries getting Eggman to finish off Sonic, but he decides not to because…friendship? When Eggette tries to kill Sonic herself, Soniqua reappears (called that too) and burns her to death. With everything wrapped up, things calm down again…but not for long, because the gang is going to college! To be continued…? Hopefully not.


Well, that was it. Boy, for a show about a speedy hedgehog, this finale sure took its sweet time getting here. Specifically a whole extra week, which usually means studios are taking that time to polish some of the more complex special animations or touch up the script or line reads a bit maybe. Not this show. Nope, this seems like the kind of production that was basically pushed right along without a single editorial eye. Wanna know where the heck all those villains came from? Your guess is as good as mine. What the heck happened to wanting to make a new Sonic game? Couldn’t tell ya. Was that “we’re going to college” a promise of future seasons? If so, is that promise or a threat? All perfectly valid questions that I cannot possibly give you a good answer for.

So, while we’re here, let’s look back at that prediction about this finale that I made four long weeks ago. In that review, I guessed:

1. “Sonic is probably going to bring in more characters from the previous seasons to help him out regardless of whether it makes sense for them to be there” (Exactly what happened!)
2. “The Egg invasion will continue until there’ s maybe one more place to conquer but Eggman will get cold feet because maybe he’s bored or Sonic gives him a very contrived friendship speech that they immediately take back because screw genuine emotions” (Turns out we didn’t even bother keeping track of the invasion OR give Eggman an actual reason to not go full evil, but I got getting cold feet right on the money!)
3. “And then Eggette will reveal herself as some imposter or something and everyone will go back to their awful lives” (I guess she really is Eggman’s daughter, though through what means she was conceived we may never truly know. Everyone going back to their awful lives seemed like a given anyway, so I won’t count it.)I guess this means I ended up actually giving the writing team too much credit on how to handle the ending, which only really gives me reason to be extra super harsh on them in the Season Review. But this season was so short in runtime and so messy in structure that I might just need to go back and rewatch the other seven seasons just to have something solid to talk about and how this season fits into the context of the others. At the very least, I’ll be able to put it all behind me. Until that live action Sonic movie drudges it all back up again when it comes out.

David Kaldor

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