But…it’s already the fifth episode. Of eight. What were the first four?!


Eggman and Eggette (and her fluctuating mid-western accent) begin their plans to take over the “video game universe”, enlisting Morty-Jim to make the code that will make them all-powerful in the games they conquer. Yeah, good luck with that.

Sonic and Tails couldn’t care less until Eggman makes a formal televised announcement of his invasion, saying he’s taken over half of the universe already.


Alright, second half! Just three more of these to power through! And I mean REALLY power through because it is probably not a surprise that 3-4 minute episodes leave very little to discuss.

But let’s start with the obvious, that being the show fully committing to saying theirs is a video game universe where every game (at least every 8 to 16-bit game) exists at once…and now Eggman controls half of it. Yet despite this seemingly huge undertaking with a few notable cameos, this really doesn’t feel that momentous an occasion. Mostly because it goes by so fast and to characters, we don’t really care about that it’s impossible to process and is probably going to be undone just as fast as it happened. Not to mention I have no idea HOW they’re doing this unless Jim-Morty really CAN code them superpowers, in which case…that just raises more questions I don’t care enough to ask.

Even our ostensible protagonists don’t really seem to care since we see Sonic and Tails just dicking around with their version of Knuckles (who has switched his character into a “Huey Lewis & the News” trivia generator for some reason) until the big press conference comes. Then again, why should they? They were working on making a game just last week and have totally forgotten about that, so we know that they don’t actually give a crap about any of this. This is clearly not meant to be a character study about the undiscovered complexities of Dr. Eggman of the Sonic franchise or how he has been mistreated by his former enemy and forced to go back to his evil ways. This is the guys who have written the past seven seasons of this series throwing plot ideas at a dartboard and going whatever hits.

We’ve got about ten minutes of story left in the season (that had to be stretched out over the next three weeks for some reason), so let me just put my own predictions about what’s going to happen. Sonic is probably going to bring in more characters from the previous seasons to help him out regardless of whether it makes sense for them to be there, the Egg invasion will continue until there’ s maybe one more place to conquer but Eggman will get cold feet because maybe he’s bored or Sonic gives him a very contrived friendship speech that they immediately take back because screw genuine emotions, and then Eggette will reveal herself as some imposter or something and everyone will go back to their awful lives. Or something like that, since this show is not that creative.

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