Review: Hedgehog for Hire “Bad Idea”

Never seen a more appropriate name for an episode.


Sonic and pals take the fight to the Eggs, only to find a robot that can use all their weaknesses against them. Then some former villains show up to help.


I can unironically say I got about a thousand times more enjoyment from the recent trailer for the LIVE ACTION Sonic movie than this episode, so let me tell you about my fun little journey trying to find this show as it’s been airing. The first week, it’s posted as expected on Rooster Teeth’s site, app, and VRV channel. Then, for no apparent reason, there is no episode posted to any of those things the following week. Then TWO episodes at once on RT’s site and app the week after that, but not on VRV. Then the fourth, fifth, and SIXTH week, it’s the same as before, so I just assume they have simply forgotten or aren’t bothering with putting it on VRV. And then THIS week comes around and the seventh episode is ONLY on VRV, meaning NONE of the episode lists are up to date now!

Was the uploading of this handled by a drunk intern?!

Basically what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t seem like anyone watching this or distributing this or animating this or writing this gives a flying fuck about anything going on with it. So much so that they almost seem determined to make anyone who bothers want to quit it in frustration, even if they actually like it. And I’m not contesting that people like this show since it wouldn’t be on its eighth season/first revival season if not enough people were watching and asking for more. I’m just confused as to what the end goal is here. I’ve long since mentally disconnected from anything happening with the “plot”, so now all I have left to really talk about are the glaring issues with this production that can’t help but poke out every week.

SOME sort of illicit substances must have been going around, right? This story was about making a new video game…in a world where a video game is a new world…but then turned into a revenge story…and then just fell apart from there. To reiterate, after watching the trailer for the Jim Carrey as Eggman, Gangsta’s Paradise singing, blue abomination having live action Sonic movie, which was only about a minute shorter than this one episode, I would gladly stand in line to go see that than watch the end of this. But, unfortunately, I can’t do that so see you next week for the exciting season (and hopefully series) finale of Sonic/Hedgehog for Hire.

Also, totally called it, Mafia Mario’s alive.

David Kaldor

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