Review: Hedgehog for Hire “Back Together”

As in we are never, ever, ever, ever getting.


Eggette continues her rise to power with her father and finally disposes of Earthworm Jim. Meanwhile, Knuckles has to basically nag Sonic and Knuckles into saving the universe. So, they go and reunite with Link, Kirby, Peppy and Slippy, Thunderhead, and Earthworm Jim.


WOW, so glad that Earthworm Jim plot paid off to being something meaningful and major to the story! Definitely not something that could have been cut entirely and not been missed in the slightest! No, we definitely needed this resolution to Earthworm’s longstanding reputation for coding! Nothing else we could spend that time on, no sir! And that big montage of bringing in all these lost characters?! What a surprise! Move over, Game of Thrones!

…it’s times like this where I really don’t know what to think of my job. Sonic/Hedgehog for Hire is very clearly not meant to be some masterful think-piece worth copious amounts of examination and deconstruction. There’s already tons of stories like that regarding Sonic the Hedgehog and this is not one of them. If I were reviewing one of those, then that’d be something, but this is like shouting at a couple of rowdy children for wanting to put a sloppy drawing up on the fridge. Granted, these two children are grown ass men being paid to write and animate this and put it out on the Internet, but it still feels like overkill.

This is just a couple friends who had a goofy idea that people liked that they decided to keep doing for a number of years, stopped, then decided to keep doing once they’d had enough time. It does no one any favors for me to shit on it week after week. The creators aren’t going to read this and learn anything from it, the fans aren’t going to read this and learn anything from it, and I’M not going to learn anything from writing it. The most this does for me is put a couple more bucks on my paycheck that might buy one gallon of gas which I will burn through in a day.

My point is that, with two episodes left to go, I haven’t gotten one iota of an indication that I should have any reason to care about what’s going on in this story and…I’m starting to think that’s maybe the intent here. This whole season feels like just one big inside joke for all the people who watched this show way back when that I unfortunately am not in on. If you’ve got investment in this series continuing simply for the sake of continuing, then you will get what you came for. If you are somehow both unfamiliar enough with the series and curious enough to read this, I’d say that ship has sailed. But man, two more episodes.

David Kaldor

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