Review: Harmonquest “Goblopolis Lost”



Overview (Spoilers Below)

Goblopolis is the name of a goblin city that is being held captive by the Puppet King. Most of the goblins are enslaved by way of Puppet King’s might and make for formidable foe against our heroes  Beor and Boneweivel plus Fondue whose spirit is trapped in a sword which is being held by Chadge Zoobag who ends up dropping the sword in a big hole leaving the team to have to take part in a daring rescue to go and reacquire it. It takes four months, but we get the sword back in time to destroy the Puppet King and learn that Beor’s long lost brother is alive and well.

Our Take

My favorite thing about Harmonquest is that you don’t have to give a shit about Pathfinder to get laughs out of it which is why I think the show has lasted for three seasons. Sure, I don’t quite understand all of the RPG terminology or why dice rolls necessitate certain actions versus others, but animated comedy aspect is still very much there. Watching a very svelte Dan Harmon work out his new chain weapons is hilarious, and there’s enough of a story here that keeps me hooked. Also, the show makes for a great animated series. Whereas podcasts and stand up comedians will sometimes animate clips of their hijinks for seldom a reason, the animated part of this show is almost required to get a sense of the silliness that’s going down during the course of the show. 2019 hasn’t been kind to VRV for original series, this is one of the best efforts of the year so far.

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