Review: Guardians of the Galaxy “Blame It on the Boss of Nova ” ; “The Real Me”

Don’t know what to do.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

The Guardians return from the Black Vortex having discovered that due to the fact that they’ve been away for so long, that they have been presumed dead. We’ve come to learn that Darkhawks have taken over the entire galaxy and have even imprisoned Thanos on Xandar. They meet up with Rhomann Dey who also seems to be unaware that the entire Nova Corp is being fooled by these robots that are able to mimic anyone they see. Fortunately, Sam Alexander has been away and is able to save the Guardians from harm before anything serious goes down.

The Guardians opt to go to Nowhere to meet up with who they believe to be Cosmo, only to discover that the Russian dog is actually a Darkhawk in disguise. With the help of Valkyrie, everyone’s able to head to Asgard for safety but not before Quill runs into a clone of himself. Gamora has to make a tough decision before they head off, but was it the correct one?

Our Take

I actually rather enjoy this new arc! I mean, it’s totally incorrect, but it’s not bad. Inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero of the early nineties, the producers at Disney Television have decided to turn a once good guy into a swarm of evil villains. More or less a space-take on Ultron but with less of a central figure this time around and with the shape-shifting abilities being thrown in for good measure.

We get some fun cameos from the likes of Nova and a Raven-Symone voiced “Valkyrie” with the latter providing a super strong effort for a script that certainly needed a lot of help. An unoriginal idea for sure, but even the last scene left me wondering whether or not we have the correct Quill on hand.

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