Review: Golan the Insatiable ”Winter is Coming”

Clearly someone isn't brushing.
Clearly someone isn’t brushing.

Spoilers Below

Warmer weather is coming for Oak Grove, MN and neither Golan nor Dylan are particularly thrilled. To try and keep winter in tact, Golan convinces Dylan to sign up for a dance recital that would try and do just that. When Carole finds out, she can NOT wait to contribute because it’s the first thing her daughter has done that isn’t bat-shit crazy. Alexis wants to thwart Golan and Dylan’s plans so as to get back to sky diving with her mother.

After getting out of the hospital with a near paralysis due to Golan’s dance classes, Dylan auditions for the play and lands the lead after a questionable exit. Time goes on, and soon Dylan’s schedule starts to fill up with rehearsals, hangin’ with mom, and even local news coverage. This comes to a head when Dylan skips out on meeting with Golan downtown to help him fill out a bunch of forms for town ordinances and approvals for expansion of their already impressive snow fort.

Leading up to the show it looked as though Dylan and Golan would be heading for splitsville, but during the performance, Dylan comes to and tears the place down. This causes Alexis to round up the other kids and chase on after her sister for revenge.

Dylan and Golan run back to their new and improved ice castle which leads to an all out battle between them and Alexis’ minions. Midway through, Carole parachutes in and after a talk-n-to, she makes amends with Dylan. Golan puts the finishing touches on the win, but at the end of the day Spring was coming no matter what anyone was gonna do and as such, say good bye to ice architecture and hello to bees.

Our Take

I’m still trying to get into the subtle changes for the voice of Alexis as compared to the original series, but I think I’m getting there. John DiMaggio is possibly the best animated mayor on TV right now, and yes that includes Quimby and West, so there.

But, two things happened in tonight’s episode that showed just how unique and out of control this show is. 1) The burning down of the theater which featured kids being killed off and what not was hysterical to the point of bringing me to tears. 2) The epic battle sequence at the end which definitely showed off Golan the Insatiable’s answer to anything Game of Thrones can muster in terms of epic battles.

Rob Riggle’s Golan is also starting to shine and already he’s showing to be just as gross and out of control as Peter Griffin. Maria Bamford worked a bit cleaner this episode than the premier as Carole, but you can tell in terms of voice acting chops she’s one of the more seasoned same with DiMaggio. I do question the different relationship that Dylan and Golan is starting to build. If you remember, the original series was a lot about how much Golan didn’t want to deal with Dylan and being on Earth, and now it seems that Golan is quite content in staying here for the new version of the series. As time goes on, it will be interesting to see if and how much this changes.




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