REVIEW: FAMILY GUY “Valentine’s Day in Quahog”


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After the greatest opening montage to an animated series, Lois and Peter spend the day in bed for Valentine’s day, Stewie goes back in time and kisses a baby Lois, Quagmire gets zapped and now everyone thinks he is a girl, and Meg meets a guy on the internet that takes her out, drugs her, and harvests one of her kidneys.  That said,  Meg’s new friend, Toby decides to keep his side of the promise and spend the rest of the day with her and things seem to go well, which can’t be said for Lois after she yells at Peter for getting candle wax all over the bed room floor, later Stewie makes Brian confront all of his ex-girlfriends, and Quagmire learns to accept the fact that he is now a girl. We also get to meet Herbert’s grand-niece, Sandy who like Herbert has a crush on Chris and the old man opts to help her get his attention. Truth be told it isn’t as weird as Herbert’s affinity for Chris because Sandy is right around the same age.

We soon learn that Adam West’s lady is out schmoozing with another mayor of which the former Batman has to win her back, Peter makes a date with an ex with Lois listening to the entire thing but she doesn’t seem to mind, Chris and Sandy become fast friends, and Toby returns Meg’s kidney after he starts to care for her. Towards the end of the show we get a montage of all the different stories with notable conclusions like Brian having sex with every girl he’s ever dated…all at once, Stewie still sick with Lois breath, Herbert’s fascination with Chris’ Popsicle sucking skills, and Mayor West gets to cut the shit out of a new ribbon!

This week’s episode of Family Guy was an ode to all of those romantic comedies that come out on New Years with Ashton Kutcher and 75 other actors all at once. That said, there is a reason why I don’t watch shit like that and it’s because I don’t usually understand any of them. This week’s episode of Family Guy was just like that as we had SO many story threads going on it was hard to keep up and really only half of them had any sort of resolution. That said it was a lot of fun seeing Brian’s exes including Ida, and furthermore Herbert is absolutely hysterical. Seriously, every time he says or does something I have to pause the show, laugh whole-heartedly, then un-pause. Overall, maybe your romantic-comedy obsessed girlfriend would be into this week’s episode while Walking Dead is on, but other than that we get somewhat of a let down.










(7.0 out of 10)


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