REVIEW: FAMILY GUY “The Giggity Wife”


Spoilers Below

Quagmire, Joe, and Peter take a trip to Harvard University to score some food. After doing just that the guys head to a local bar and start drinking which leads to trips to go see the CELTICS!!, drive a pirate ship, and ends with Peter and Joe collapsing on the Griffin lawn. Once they come to we learn that Quagmire has married a hooker!! Her name is Sharmice and Quagmire wants nothing to do with her but he can’t divorce her because she can own everything he has. To try and make the best of it, Glenn tells her to go out and get her a new wardrobe but she just uses the money for drugs. Later,  the Griffins invite the Quagmires over for dinner but it ends in distress for Glenn but he has an idea. What if Glenn were gay???  Well he isn’t, but to get out of his marriage Glenn goes gay but when she catches him watching straight porn  he has to now prove that he is gay by fucking a guy in exchange for a divorce.

Glenn decides to ask Peter if they can have sex while his new wife watches.  Peter agrees to the tryst, but Glenn has to take him out to dinner first which ends in no desert for Peter. When we get to the sex act, Sharmice opts to stop the deal before it goes through which is great news for Glenn, but it was close!

Cutaway Gags

Fingernails for Cash, Black Guy in Sweden, Helen Keller, God making Asians, Divorce Apartment, Special Hunger Games, Pedo. Doctors,  Baseball in Pig Latin, Spanish Soap Operas

The ending for this week’s episode seemed kind of rushed, but overall tonight was a fun ride if not memorable. To be honest, I thought we were going to get something on the caliber of ‘Quagmire’s Dad’, but this episode didn’t really have the same wow factor. Where this episode was strong was all of the jokes that were at the expense of hookers. Seriously, the writers must have spent an entire day thinking of all the best insults they could hurl at homeless prostitutes and it shows because I couldn’t stop dying from laughter.  I also thought we could have gotten more of the build up from Peter and Quagmire’s eventual sleep over that never happened, as I think we could’ve gotten some real gems with a budding gay relationship between two friends. I also had one major issue with this episode…ready??? Ever see the film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry?? I kept getting certain plot points borrowed from that terrible film dotted all throughout the start of the program, but if you haven’t seen that movie (which I am assuming is a lot of you) you should enjoy this one.



(8.0 out of 10)

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